Extreme Weather Videos From Around the Sedalia Area [Watch]
We're getting into sever thunderstorm season. In fact, we just had one that knocked out power to a bunch of people at the end of April. If there's one thing you can find plenty of on YouTube, it's weather videos. Whether you're looking for snowstorms, tornadoes or flood…
The Top 3 Blake Shelton YouTube Videos
Blake Shelton's huge on YouTube. His channel has over a million subscribers. On it, you'll find official music videos, live performances, and some behind-the-scenes videos. Here are the Top 3 videos on Blake's YouTube channel.
Jason Aldean’s Top 5 YouTube Videos
As we're getting ready for Jason Aldean's concert at the Mizzou Arena, we decided to go to his official YouTube channel to see what his most-viewed videos of all time have been. Surprisingly, only one of Aldean's most-viewed videos is an actual performance! Apparently fans really enjoy going "b…
[VIDEO] Birdman Pays Up On Bet
Last Friday during Flaming Friday's on 92.3 BOB-FM, Kevin Walker and myself made our annual Oscar predictions.  I picked five out of six correctly and Kevin picked one out of six correctly. The consequences, dress like Birdman, which won the Oscar for best picture, and strut down Broadway …
Behka’s Enquiring Minds: Travel [SURVEY]
I've done a decent amount of travelling in my day.  Mostly, though, I've been seeing things here in the US.  I haven't done a lot of globetrotting, if you will.  I guess money is the main problem there.  But some people find ways around that!

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