Behka’s Enquiring Minds: Favorite Snacks [SURVEY]
Last weekend, I got a lot of work done around the house again. On Saturday, I spent most of the day out in the yard, getting some leaves and sticks cleared out of my backyard.  After that, we did some fun stuff with Boyfriendo's girls out in the yard - playing badminton and all that busine…
Five TV Shows That Should Take Place in Sedalia
I asked our listeners: if they could be a guest star on any TV show, what show would it be? I got some good responses, and some of the popular answers were Dukes of Hazzard, Sons of Anarchy, Friends and The Walking Dead. Which got me thinking that Walking Dead would be perfect if it took place in Se…
Do You Go Without Traditional Broadcast TV? [POLL]
So we all know technology changes constantly. What might have been a commonly used every day item could be gone in a second (pagers, anyone?). Telephone landlines are on a steep decline with the rise of cell phones, and I think TV could be headed in that direction as well.

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