Pick Up Lines

Give Us Your Cheesiest Pick Up Line
Today I found a list of reasons why men are afraid to approach women; they're too pretty, don't know what to say, their friends are around, stupid stuff like that. Come on guys, all you need is a cheesy pick-up line!
Now don't go in there actually believing in your line though, you hav…
Valentine’s Day: Give Us Your Best Cheesy Pick-Up Lines [SURVEY]
Valentine's day is generally set aside for people in relationships.  It doesn't matter if you've been with your significant other for years or just a couple of weeks, chances are you'll do something romantic on that day.  For single people, it is just a day to remind th…
Complete the Sentence Weekly Recap
We started the week looking for the worst pickup lines you've ever heard/tried.  We got some pretty good responses!  "Can you help me find my puppy?  I think he ran into this cheap hotel room," was my favorite.