Mother's Day

“Mommy Madness” Story Submission: When You Gotta Go…
Get ready for another outrageous parenting story!  We've got another story submission from our Mommy Madness contest for you!
When you spend a long time outdoors, doing something like hunting, hiking or camping, you may have to "do your business" in the woods.  This next Mom probably should…
Mother’s Day Ideas for Moms in Sedalia
Every year, Mother's Day seems to sneak up on us. Don't let that happen this year! Mother's day is Sunday, May 12. If you are wondering what to get your Mother, here are some great ideas and places to go in Sedalia.
“Mommy Madness” Mother’s Day Contest
Being a mother can be very rewarding, but let's face it, parenting can be pretty challenging too.  That's why for Mother's Day, we're honoring all of our mothers out there that have put up with all of the crazy things kids do by giving mom the chance to win a shiny Mother&ap…
You Owe Your Mom Money [VIDEO]
Obviously, your mother made sacrifices for you over the years.  But what about the time she spent giving birth to you?  We get paid for our labors in the workforce, should she not get paid for going through labor as well?