Missouri’s Best City For Flipping Houses is Surprising
House flipping. It's big business. It's also the subject of reality TV shows. A lot of people dream about flipping homes for a living, but, of course, it's never quite as easy as it looks on TV. A new list has ranked 150 of the best across the United States for flipping houses. T…
Moberly Police Capture a Pokemon!
The police department in Moberly, Missouri has a great sense of humor. Several months back they made a hilarious Facebook post that got thousands of likes and shares after they reminded residents that if they "absolutely must sell illegal drugs in our lobby, please request an officer to assist …
UFO Over Jefferson City? [Video]
Do you believe in UFOs? YouTube is full of videos that supposedly capture UFO footage. Some of them are pretty clearly not UFOs...but others? Maybe. What about this video shot in Jefferson City?

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