“It’s The Best Movie Ever! You Have To See It!”
We've all had friends say it to us:  "It's the best movie ever, you HAVE to see it".  And then, we finally break down and watch the movie only to find that there's 90 minutes of our life we won't ever get back.  That happened to me just last night…
Sprucing Up the Wardrobe
Mondays can often be a bit of a bother.  It just gets a little harder every week to get out of bed at a decent time and head out to work, doesn't it?  Even though I have a great job, and I really like what I do and the people I work with, it doesn't make that bed get any less com…
Get Ready for Wings Over Whiteman 2012
Over Mother's Day weekend, I had the chance to stop and visit my mom in Knob Noster and then head to Warrensburg.  I decided after taking mom out, I thought I'd drive by Whiteman Villages and by the fenceline of Whiteman Air Force Base.  I thought this would be a good time to rem…
Are You A Facebook Addict?
I'm on Facebook (facebook.com/bruceinthemorningshow) and Twitter (@bruceitmorning).  A LOT!  Some might say I'm addicted, but it's part of my job!  That's the excuse I'm going with anyway.
Do Decent Guys Stand a Chance?
This comes to me secondhand.  A friend of mine shared one of her friend's status updates from Facebook with me and inspired me to write on the subject.  The status was:
Taking Time to Be Positive
As I look around my various social media sites, I notice that is is easy to fall into the trap of negativity.  Facebook and Twitter seem to be a place that people vent about their problems, feeling ill or negative comments about friends and family.
My Heart Will NOT Go On
Here's an interesting development in the news this week: A Queensland, Australia mogul has decided to build a series of luxury cruise ships, including a replica of the Titanic called "Titanic II".
Now, to me, this just seems like asking for trouble.