Celebrate Sangerfest This Weekend in Cole Camp
One thing you always hear about in Cole Camp is about the German heritage they have.  My family is part German, and it seems like about a third of Cole Camp is related to us in one way or another, either by cousinry or by marriage.  So when I saw this event, I thought it was something that the peopl…
Make Your Show-Me Honor Flight Donation Today
As Americans, we owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women of our armed forces who have fought and in some cases given the ultimate sacrifice to achieve the ends of life and liberty at home and abroad. Show-Me Honor Flight is honoring those who have fought and been prepared to die by providing fr…
Socks & Sandals: Are We Failing Our Children?
Let me preface this with one simple fact: I am NOT a fashionable person.  I wear jeans (usually black), polo shirts and casual shoes.  I lack the ability to go into a store and say "I like the way that looks and want it."  Judging by the fact that there was a reality show called "Quee…
Six Pet Peeves About Driving in Sedalia
Okay kids, I know we don't live in a big city.  We here in the Sedalia area don't have to deal with too much in terms of traffic. Having said that, I KNOW I can't be the only person who gets annoyed at the way "some people's children" drive in this town.
Win This Boat!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our finalists!
One of these people will win our 14' boat and trailer at our exclusive giveaway party at DQ Grill and Chill on South Limit this Saturday, June 30.

Rickey Adair
Jason Allison
Eric Arnold
Robert Bay
Chris Bergman
Mary Bogart
Dakota Bradley
Jennifer Brownfield
Jenny Burl…

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