Sedalia Kids Try To Fake Us Out and Cancel School
Kids are notorious for trying to figure out ways to avoid school.  Don't take it personally, teachers - it's just the way of the kid.  When I was a kid, I tried every day of my third grade year to convince my mom I was sick.  Surprise, it didn't work.  Didn't …
The Two Halloween Costume Trends This Year
Well, it's here - Halloween!  I know your kids have already got their costume perfected and can't wait to get out there and show it off.  You might even have one for a party you're going to, or to wear going out Trick or Treating with them.
Easter Egg Hunt Allows Church to Reach Out to Community
Hundreds of kids and their parents converged on the Sedalia Youth Football Fields on the Smith-Cotton High School Campus Saturday at 11 a.m. for the annual First Baptist Church of Sedalia Easter Egg Hunt.
The fields, which were covered ahead of time with well over 5,000 colorful plastic egg…
Missouri Care Pool Party
Missouri Care invites you to a Summer Splash Pool Party at Liberty Park Pool in Sedalia on Thursday,...

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