Complete the Sentence

Complete the Sentence: Who Would You Like to Meet?
In a conversation about presidents (past and present), a friend of mine and I were discussing which we would like to meet.  Regardless of politics, I have always thought Bill Clinton seemed like he would be fun to talk to.  Of course, both Bushes would be great at a dinner party as well. &…
Complete The Sentence: Let’s Talk About Your Friends
Not too long ago people celebrated "Star Wars Day."  That caused me to remember my high school friend that had all of the action figures displayed in his bedroom and the logo appeared on a majority of his wardrobe.  The thought occurred to me that everyone had a friend like that.  Then I t…
Complete the Sentence: Music and Your Mood
Music has a tendency to be very invasive in our lives.  We remember what songs coincide with major events or eras in our lives.  Hearing those songs can bring otherwise lost memories to the forefront of our minds.  Music also has a very real effect on our mood.  That's the topic of today's "C…
Men Are Not Mind Readers [SURVEY]
I thought I'd give the women an chance to sound off today.  It seems men are constantly baffled by what women want.  So today I'm giving you the chance to tell us.
Taking Time to Be Positive
As I look around my various social media sites, I notice that is is easy to fall into the trap of negativity.  Facebook and Twitter seem to be a place that people vent about their problems, feeling ill or negative comments about friends and family.