Super Stores Offering “Naughty” Halloween Costumes for Young Girls
It's that time of year again, and every super store you walk into has Halloween decorations up and two or three aisles dedicated to Halloween. Halloween has always been about getting dressed up and enjoying the festivities. For adults, we may enjoy a costume party, but the holiday is for the kids. G…
Carrie Underwood Not Ready for Kids Yet
Now 30, Carrie Underwood has a thriving career, a bursting bank account and an incredibly supportive hockey playing husband -- and she's content to bask in the joy of her almost three-year marriage... without kids.
Socks & Sandals: Are We Failing Our Children?
Let me preface this with one simple fact: I am NOT a fashionable person.  I wear jeans (usually black), polo shirts and casual shoes.  I lack the ability to go into a store and say "I like the way that looks and want it."  Judging by the fact that there was a reality show called "Quee…