Win This Boat!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our finalists!
One of these people will win our 14' boat and trailer at our exclusive giveaway party at DQ Grill and Chill on South Limit this Saturday, June 30.

Rickey Adair
Jason Allison
Eric Arnold
Robert Bay
Chris Bergman
Mary Bogart
Dakota Bradley
Jennifer Brownfield
Jenny Burl…
Boat Giveaway Official Rules
Persons may enter at any of the sponsor locations by either of two methods: 1) an official radio station entry form dropped in a box or 2) entering the location’s code word on our station website. Persons may submit one entry by each of the above methods per visit to each customer, h…
My Heart Will NOT Go On
Here's an interesting development in the news this week: A Queensland, Australia mogul has decided to build a series of luxury cruise ships, including a replica of the Titanic called "Titanic II".
Now, to me, this just seems like asking for trouble.