What Decade Had the Best Music? [POLL]
On Sunday night, I had a moment where I actually thought I was an old man. As I sat watching the Billboard Music Awards, I remember mumbling multiple old man phrases to myself.  Things like, "This music is garbage," "Does anyone really like this?" and "They're clearly lip sy…
Five Classic Berenstain Bears Books to Read to Your Kids
U.S. Cellular is bringing ‘The Berenstain Bears LIVE!‘ to the Heckart Performing Arts Center at Smith-Cotton High School in Sedalia on Sunday, Apr. 21.  While many kids and parents are familiar with the popular Berenstain Bears TV show, the books written by Stan and Jan Berenstain are timeless class…
Check Out This A-Z List of the Best Movies Ever
We love movies as much as the next guy, but let's face it -- there are far too many out there to keep straight. We're fortunate, then, that the fine folks at Cool Material have created an A-Z list of the best flicks ever. Now if somebody could just update our Netflix queue for us, we'…
Top Country Song of All Time – Readers Poll
The entire Top 100 Country Songs list has been revealed, with a No. 1 song that surprised many readers. Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks, Patsy Cline and George Jones all placed songs inside the Top 5. Which song do you think should have been named the top country song of all time?
Which Cities Have the Best Hamburgers?
The allure of the hamburger has certainly evolved over the last few decades. What used to be sold primarily as fast food fare has now taken on a more grown-up, modern day, gourmet persona.