I got a message from a friend of mine this morning asking if I knew where to get a cell phone on the cheap.  It seems a friend of hers had jumped in the pool with her phone in her pocket and....yep.  That sinking feeling.  All of your contacts, emails, texts and social media that was at your fingertips just a few minutes ago is now GONE.

I frequently hear stories of people and their electronic devices doing battle with water.  I'm still trying to figure out how one drops their cell in the toilet.  Seems to me you should be busy with other things.  But I digress.  I have only heard of one method that works for saving your lifeline to the world from utter destruction.

  1. DO NOT attempt to turn your device on after it has been exposed to water.  The current will conduct through the moisture and fry your circuits.  This is a common mistake.  Think.  Don't react.
  2. Immediately take the battery out and leave the back off.  This will allow the drying process to begin
  3. As soon as possible, find some uncooked rice and a bowl or baggie that can be sealed.  Place the UNCOOKED rice and your device in the bag and seal it.  Leave it alone for 24 hours.
  4. Put your device back together and hope (or pray.  It's your choice)

Granted.  I've never had to use this information.  I protect my phone at all costs (famous last words).  I've known others that have used it and swear by it.  It makes sense that the dry rice will extract the moisture from your device.

What have you tried that succeeded in saving your phone?  What has failed?

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