Spam.  We're talking about the canned product, not the email you receive that ultimately goes into the trash.  The product was named in a 1937 contest and the finalist won a $100 prize.  Hormel, the company that produces Spam, claims that the meaning of the name "is known by only a small circle of former Hormel Foods executives", but popular beliefs are that the name is an abbreviation of "spiced ham" or "shoulders of pork and ham".  Have you ever ate Spam? There are several different flavors of Spam products, including: Spam Classic – original flavor along with Hot & Spicy – with Tabasco flavor, Jalapeno, Spam Less Sodium, and Spam Lite.  In Hawaii, Spam is so popular it is sometimes referred to as "The Hawaiian Steak".  I remember eating it as a kid but more recently I haven't had the pleasure of opening up a can and devouring the gelatinous glazed content.  If you're a fan of the product, so affectionately coined "Special Army Meat" after WW II, it may be a staple in your kitchen cabinet.  In fact maybe you've traveled to Hawaii for the annual Spam Jam in Waikiki during the last week of April.  So the next time you say, "What's for supper?", break out a can of Spam!!!