When I was a kid, believe it or not, I was not very "sporty."  So it should not come as a shock to you that I never played any kind of sports or did anything that could be misconstrued as a sport.  I knew kids who played soccer, who played baseball, who played kickball, all sorts of things.  But me, I was always the more bookish kind.  I would be more easily found reading a book on baseball than actually playing baseball.

I would be more likely in the chicken suit than playing the game.  I sometimes wonder now if I missed out on some fun with that.  So when I was perusing our local events, I thought I'd tell you about the T-Ball that's happening this season.

T-ball meets once per week from May 29 through June 28. Participants choose to meet on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Classes begin with 20 minutes of practice, then 3 innings of a scrimmage game (everyone bats). Children will be placed on teams, so if you need to be on the same team as another player, please write that on your registration form. Registration must be in person at the Sedalia Parks and Rec Center; it began May 1 and will be taken until classes are full. Fees are $25.

So maybe your kid is the sporty type! Or, maybe you just want to wear them out?  That's good, too.  Sign them up for T-Ball and check it out.

Sportily yours,