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S-C/McDonald's Classic Basketball Tournament Schedule
It doesn't seem possible but it's that time again. The 2019 Smith-Cotton/McDonald's Classic Basketball Tournament is set to begin. The Boy's portion of the tournament is penciled in for January 10-12. The Girl's schedule kicks off January 16 and runs through the 19th.
Fruitcake-Yay or Nay?
At some point in the next few weeks you'll either run across one of these holiday mysteries or you might even be lucky enough to receive one from Aunt Madge in the mail this year. Do you like or not?
What's Your Favorite Coffee Mug?
You've got a favorite pair of shoes, most likely the same for a pair of jeans and a shirt. So what's your go-to cup for your favorite hot beverage?
Whom Do You Tip During the Holidays and How Much?
As if you didn't have enough to worry about with buying presents, making travel arrangement for the holidays, and what-not. Have you given any thought to if and how much you should tip during the holidays?
Warsaw Man Catches State-Record Walleye on a Jug Line
The Missouri Department of Conservation reports Jason Reynolds of Warsaw became the most recent state-record-fish breaker in Missouri when he caught a walleye on a jug line on Truman Lake in Benton County. The new “alternative method” record fish caught by Reynolds on Nov. 5, weighed 6…
You've Got to Watch These Kids Explaining the Birth of Jesus
We've all heard kids trying to explain how it all happened. whether it's in a Sunday School class or just sitting around the house, most kids have come up with very entertaining ways to explain the birth of Jesus.
So what happens when you get a bunch of kids trying to explain the story of C…
Holiday Travel Conditions Look Good for the Area
AAA says that 48.5 million people will hit the road for Thanksgiving travel -- the most in over a decade. If you're traveling around the Show-Me state, conditions look pretty good until the end of the weekend.
Diet Myths That Just Aren't True
With the holidays upon us, we all want that magic pill or the special elixir that will keep us slim and trim during the festive time of food consumption. Maybe this will help to clear up some of tall tales about dieting that circulate every year about this time.
How Would Kids Fix a Turkey for Thanksgiving?
It's amazing how things are seen through a child's eyes. It's not any different for Thanksgiving. They usually see the finished product on the table but how do you think they would say to fix the golden bird?
Ready For Snow and An Early Taste of Winter?
So far Fall has been what we were hoping for for this time of the year. Moderate temperatures and precipitation in the form of rain to help the cause. But get ready, a taste of the cold stuff is heading our way!