What's going on?

The Heat Is On
Temperatures on Friday and into the weekend will rise into the middle to upper 90s with heat index readings between 100 and 105 degrees.
What's the Best Concert You've Ever Seen?
For most of us, concerts are the thread that connect us to the artists that we love to hear. If we're lucky enough to see those artists, it makes for great memories.
How Many Crappie Can You Legally Catch and Keep in MO?
I went crappie fishing with my cousin from Clinton on Wednesday. Our efforts for the trip didn't turn out like we were hoping but it was still great getting out on Truman Lake. If we did catch our limit, what would it be?
I Get to Work and My Shirt's Inside Out. Happened to You?
You know when you get up while the roosters are still sleeping and the snoozing early bird isn't even thinking about catching the worm, crazy things can happen. Well, this morning I got ready and in the process, I put on my shirt on inside out.
Remember the Pain of Connecting on the Internet?
If you remember the sound you're about to hear, you know the pain you dealt with while trying to connect to the internet.
Formerly know as AOL, American Online was one of the first as an internet provider in the mid-90's.
It was a dial-up service that provided for many the first ta…