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Country Songs About Missouri
Missouri is the home of many well-known country artists. The Show-Me State has also been the inspiration for a number of country songs.
Ever Use a CB Radio...What Was Your Handle?
Ah, breaker-breaker one-nine...anybody got their ears on? If you were one of hundreds of thousands that used CB radios back in the 70's, what was your name/handle?
Kevin Spacey Cost Netflix $39 Million Over 'House of Cards' Exit
The price of doing business with predators is high. A new Netflix earnings report from the end of 2017 reveals that the streaming giant took a staggering $39 million write-down in disbanding the relationship with Hollywood abuser Kevin Spacey, both in shortening the final House of Cards season and s…
A 'Mighty Ducks' TV Series Is in Development at ABC Studios
Practice your quacks and get in Flying V formation – The Mighty Ducks may be skating onto a TV near you. Reports indicate that the classic kids’ sports comedy is eyeing a return to the ice with a new TV iteration from the original trilogy’s screenwriter.