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Six Questions Any Parent of Twins is Tired Of Hearing
I haven’t been a Twin Dad more than a few weeks now, but I’m already getting pretty used to the common questions parents are asked when taking their twins out in public. Strangers just cannot help themselves when it comes to seeing two babies that look alike
Today is a Special Day at the Missouri State Fair
With it being the Tuesday of the Missouri State Fair, it's not only something spectacular with the celebration of Farm Families on Farm Bureau/Farm Family Day but also Farmers Care Food Drive $2 Tuesday.
Top 10 Country Songs of the 1990s
Jelly sandals, JNCO jeans, Doc Martens, slap bracelets and scrunchies -- those are just a few memorable trends of the 1990s. And while a lot of those fashion choices are best laid to rest, there are some country music hits from the decade that we never want to let go.