The Show Me Best is a huge, innovating competition for the best and brightest out there on the forefront of education.  The goal is to work on inspiring students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology and mathematics through robotics design.

As we all know, the future always seems to be in front of us everyday.  Sometimes you have something as simple as a light bulb and take it for granted, although we all know there was a time when people lived happily without it. In this age of cell phones, tablet readers, laptops and all sorts of technologies, it can be hard to see what is coming in the future.

The BEST robotics competition is just that.  It's getting the future here today and getting young minds to work on what's next together. It empathizes teamwork and creativity and that definitely produces some great new ideas.

Today I got to talk with Kevin Dinsdale, HUB Director for State Fair Community College Robotics. Here's our talk to tell you more about this amazing group of people.

If you want to find out more, go to SFCC's site or you can go to the main competition site.

Domo Arigato Mister Roboto,