So I found this interesting article that was all about "When Do Women Feel They Are The Most Attractive." This big survey was done where they asked a whole bunch of women questions about it. I didn't get into the specifics of the survey like how many women they actually talked to or their ages or anything like that, but I did get the list of the Top Five times that women feel they are the most attractive.

According to this survey they are:

  1. On their wedding day
  2. On vacation
  3. While they're pregnant
  4. Right after having sex
  5. At work

Not being a woman myself, I couldn't verify this. So I grabbed two member of our sales staff here in Sedalia, Ashley and Staci, for a "Sales Girl Survey" to find out the psychology behind this reasons, and if they were really true. We also talked about when women feel the LEAST attractive. Listen to our discussion below!