The other day, I told you guys about how the girlies were going through a bout with the common cold.  I turned to Facebook and here on our websites, and asked you guys what you do in these circumstances.  We got a lot of great suggestions! 

While of course we were doing the standard stuff like over the counter pills, cough syrup and cough drops, along with plenty of rest and fluids, some of your suggestions were very helpful - and varied!

Bundle her up and take her outside.  The cool, moist air really helps.

See, now that I think about it, that's totally valid.  We know that sometimes you have to get moisture in your sinuses to help with coughs, so that's a great idea.

 Put Vicks on her feet and a pair of socks, takes about 15 minutes but should help the cough :)

I had heard of this remedy, but thought it was an old wives' tale.  But still, we tried it, and it did help!  Boyfriendo seemed to think it was because the vapors of the Vicks would work themselves up from the feet and get more effective.

Anything with a lot of ginger in it. Ginger affects the center in the brain responsible for coughing.

I didn't end up trying this one, only because we didn't have any ginger in the house.  But I'll remember that one for next time.

Try a little honey, fresh kind not processed, closer to where she lives, at natural foods store in Sedalia! Got rid of allergies for me and coats your throat from cough!


  I make a honey and lemon juice mixture that seems to help Kendall.

This is another helpful suggestion  that a  few of you gave.  It seems to make sense.  I've heard it over and over again that honey has positive health effects; now only if we could get the kid to like honey.  There were some other food suggestions like chicken soup, and we got reminded about taking some extra Vitamin C, either in pills or in orange juice.

So there were a lot of great suggestions...but also a little snark.

 It's lupus.

I've watched enough House with Hugh Laurie to know IT'S NEVER LUPUS.  But thanks for the laugh.

Anyway, you can still weigh in on what you do to fight the common cold on your own with your home remedies.  Tell me what you do, or tell me what your grandparents, parents, whoever used to suggest.

Thanks for all your great suggestions, you'll be happy to know both Meagan and Laney are feeling better! Now here's hoping I don't get sick.  Maybe I should put up a survey asking what you do to AVOID getting sick when someone else in the house is ill!

I'm not dead yet - I'm getting better,