The kids were very busy this summer if they took advantage of all the programs and festivities that the Sedalia Parks and Recreation set up.  And now, in the fall, with them being back in school - they still wanna have fun.

Whether it's the Family Scavenger Hunt, the Youth Basketball, the Boo Bash, the Cooking Classes, the Softball, Tiny Kickers, or Volleyball, there's bound to be something for you to do with your whole family. There's bound to be something you can try for the first time, and also stuff you haven't done in years that could reignite your interest.  After all, everyone wants to get more active, and if there's something you can do as a family, that's something that'll stick with you and make memories and traditions.  Everyone's always having a good time with the Parks Department, don't think that the fun stops when the weather cools down.

In addition to the area youth leagues and the Sedalia Park and Rec activities, there are other special events scheduled throughout the year. Don’t miss the their special holiday activities during Easter and Halloween.  Visit them at their website here or you can call them up for more information at 660-826-4930, and you can even stop by the office at 1500 W. 3rd Street.

Recreationally yours,