The Sedalia Person of the Year poll has everyone buzzing about front-runner Tuffy Gessling again, and some of talk radio's biggest names have chimed in on the controversy.

Opinions vary on whether or not "Tuffy the Clown" deserves the award, but radio talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity seemed very supportive of the idea when they spoke about the contest on their nationally syndicated shows yesterday (Dec. 18).

Limbaugh liked the idea of voters supporting a nominee who was "drummed to death" by the media in August.

"It's these little things out there, ladies and gentlemen, where you see people rising up in their own way in opposition to the daily media soap opera, status quo, narrative, or what have you."

Listen to the audio clip from Limbaugh's show below.

Sean Hannity briefly spoke about the contest and summed up his feelings for Tuffy rather quickly: "Good for him!"

Listen to Hannity talk about the award below.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC's 'Hardball' was less than enthused about the results of the poll.

"TIME" magazine`s person of the year has inspired one small town in Missouri to hold a similar contest of its own. But the honor in this case may go to an unlikely and perhaps undeserving character. Remember this guy? Yes, it`s the rodeo clown who made national news for his some say racially charged mockery of the president at the Missouri State Fair back in August.

Well, his name is Tuffy Gessling. And while he`s been banned from the State Fair for life, he`s currently leading the pack of nominees chosen for "person of the year award" in Sedalia, Mo, at least the local one. I guess no bad deed goes unrewarded in Sedalia.

Other media outlets keeping tabs on the results of the poll include the New York Daily News, The Blaze, Politico, The Daily Mail, The Washington Times and several television and radio stations across Missouri.

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