Well Thursday brings a day away from work for me,  but really what is that,  is that vacation, is it time away, is it party time, or is it don't do nothing day?  I guess I can celebrate, as  according to the calendar it is National Richter Scale Day and about the only thing I know about that is that it is in honor of Charles Richter's birthday as he was born in 1900.  One thing I do remember is when the great earthquake was predicted back in 1990.  I remember it as follows   1234567890.    In school there was talk of this great quake that was predicted and on December 3rd at 4:56 in the afternoon there will be an earthquake that measures 7.8 in the year 1990.  Don't believe me click here!     Of course April 26th is also national pretzel day and afterall if you know me, you know I love food, so maybe I'll go out for one of those,  where is your favorite pretzel stand at?   Well anyway, I'm sure you'll miss me for one day, but don't you worry,  I shall return on Friday!    Unless I go down under because Thursday is also Hug an Australian Day, I've always wanted to go there and if I do, well I'll see you at a later time :)