Time for another Off The Trail Track! We showcase an album's deeper cut  that you probably won't hear on the radio. This week we're featuring Gary Allan's song "One More Time" from his latest album 'Set You Free.'

Now 'Set You Free' was released back in January of this year, but the reason I'm using it now is because Taste of Country just named it the best country album of 2013. It's a pretty amazing album from top to bottom, incredibly emotional and featuring tons of different musical styles all mixed together perfectly. It reached number one on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, and produced some great singles like "Every Storm Runs Out of Rain," "Pieces" and "It Ain't the Whiskey."

For my Off the Trail Track I'm going with lucky track number seven on the album, "One More Time," a phenomenal song about looking back and reflecting on your life. Why won't it be a radio single? It's almost five and a half minutes long. But it's great, and you can listen to it right here!