Time for another Off the Trail Track, a deeper cut from a country album you probably won't hear on the radio. This week we're featuring "Hell Raisin' Heat of the Summer" off of Florida-Georgia Line's debut album "Here's to the Good Times."

This album came out a year ago, but I chose it for this week because Florida Georgia Line just won six awards at the American Country Awards. It's hard to pick a FGL song you won't hear on the radio since everything they touch turns to gold right now, so it's hard to rule out any song from them becoming a big hit.

The reason you probably won't hear "Hell Raisin' Heat of the Summer" is really just a timing thing. It's the middle of December, and it's freezing cold. FGL also just released a new deluxe edition of their album with five new songs, so by the time the weather starts warming up again, one of the new songs will probably be their new radio single.

It's a good song though, a typical Florida Georgia Line good times anthem, although a little more mellow than "Cruise" or "Get You Shine On." Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.