A little bit ago I got the chance to head to Mustang Sallyz Saloon in Marshall. The place was awesome. Good food, great bartenders, huge dance floor, and just a fun atmosphere overall. Probably the coolest thing about Mustang Sallyz though is the mechanical bull, Bocephus.

So of course I had to try it out. I'd actually ridden one before, but that was years ago. So I made sure to get some tips from some people who had a little bull riding experience. The most important thing: move in the opposite direction of the bull. When the bull's head goes down, you lean back. When the head comes up, lean forward. Also, keep your legs out in front of you and grip with your knees, and hold the rope with your off hand, because you can balance better with your dominant hand in the air.

I think I did pretty good! I clocked in at just under a minute, although they went pretty easy on me at first. It was a ton of fun, I think it's something everyone should try at least once. Check out the video below!