Well, kids, we haven't had a rainy day for a little bit of time. But you never know when they'll pop up, and there's always a need to be ready for em. But, you can over do it with too much entertainment.

I always liked rainy days as a kid, because that meant I could stay inside. Surprising isn't it, that I was an indoor kind of kid? I sure was. I especially didn't like having to stay outside all day in the summer, because it was always so hot! It might not have been so bad had my mom allowed me to leave the yard, ever. I wasn't to go play down the street or out in the alley or anything like that - I was supposed to stay in the back yard. We had a sand box at one point, but............ that gets old. We had a big tree in the back yard too at one point and I would hit a chain or something. Parents didn't like that, though so that was out. Then what? Pretend to re-create The Secret of Nimh with a cinderblock? Yes. That's the kind of stuff I did.

But when I got to be inside, that's when it was super fun. My mom wouldn't let me watch something she didn't want to watch, but TV in the AC was often better than sitting under the tree, sweating. Indoors, I was also allowed to read books. That was the biggest diversion for me on rainy days. I would have read outside, but I wasn't allowed to bring books outside because more often than not we got them from the Library, and if I took them outside, I'd "Ruin them and then we'll have to replace it". So I got to read, there were games you could play like Sorry or Monopoly or even...........


But, by far, my favorite was this one:

I think it was partially my favorite because I also loved the movie version of Clue. We had it on VHS tape, and it had all three endings in it.

I still have most of the movie memorized.

So what did you do as a kid on Rainy Days? What kind of stuff entertained you?

Soggily yours,