Have you ever Idolized a celebrity?  It may may have been a professional athlete, singer, actor/actress, whatever.  Did you get the opportunity to meet that individual and suddenly the whole aura went flat?  You know, you had them on a pedestal, up in the clouds, and all of a sudden it dropped like a lead balloon?  I've been lucky to meet a lot of country artists through the years and for the most part, they have been great people.  I've also met a few professional athletes and actors and actresses through the years.  I had the opportunity years ago to be involved in a cast party that was held in Kansas City while they were filming the movie, "Article 99".  Kiefer Sutherland and Ray Liotta starred in this movie.  I had the opportunity to meet Kiefer.  I really don't remember much about him, but I was checking out an interview on "Good Morning America" featuring Freddie Prinze, Jr and he definitely remembers Keifer.  Freddie worked with Kiefer for one season of "24".  According to Freddie, Kiefer isn't one of his favorite actors.  Check out the interview on gma.com.