There's just something about mobile games and birds. First there was Angry Birds, the incredibly popular mobile game that the world was addicted to. Now a new game about a bird is sweeping the nation, and it's even more simple, yet somehow even more frustrating: Flappy Bird.

In the side scrolling Flappy Bird app for smartphones, you control a weird looking round bird with tiny wings. You tap the screen, it flaps its wings once and gains some altitude. You keep tapping to keep it flying, and all you have to do is fly through spaces between Super Mario style green pipes. That's it. Seems easy, right? WELL IT'S NOT.

Flappy bird was designed by the Devil. It's the only explanation for the maddening frustration and addiction you will experience form this "game." I mean, it is REALLY hard. My high score is only five.

What makes it so addictive is that it should be so easy, but it's not. I mean, all I'm doing is flying a little bird through some pipes by tapping the screen, and I can't get past FIVE?!?!? I'm raging just thinking about it.

You will never understand the evil that is Flappy Bird unless you play it yourself. You can download the free app through the iTunes App Store or for Android through the Google Play Store. Or, even though it's a little easier in my opinion, play a version of it right on your computer here. You'll hate life, but won't be able to stop.