One of our radio stations, AM 1050 KSIS, is an affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals and each year we get the chance to head to St. Louis and be wined and dined,  this year no exception.    The Cardinals are off to a great start and I got to go to an afternoon game at the park.   While many people and fans flock to the park and sit in the bleachers, I recommend sometime you upgrade and try out a party suite.   You can have all the hot dogs and bratwurst with sour kraut that you want it's a favorite of mine, plus no ballpark experience is complete until you have nachos:)    I may not be the biggest Cardinals fan in the land, as I think that title in our radio station belongs to Denny Perkins and Bob Chancellor in our radio station and I hoped they could go, but unfortunately that did not happen.  There is nothing like taking a day and enjoying it with baseball.    Wainwright did not have a great day pitching, and several of their starters got a break, but seeing the 2012 Cardinals, they certainly are off to a great start.  They lost this game 6-3, but many fans said, hey we took 2 out of 3 and if we keep doing that, this 2012  season could be like last, so why not cheer for 12 in 12 and listem to the games on AM 1050 KSIS :)