While the above statement is true, it means if you see a pedestrian in the thoroughfare,  don't hit them with your vehicle.  If you do, it is your fault.  It DOESN'T, however, mean that pedestrians shouldn't look for cars before crossing an area that cars may be driving.  I point to parking lots for  an example.

I don't know about you, but I was always taught to look for cars before crossing a street or a place where cars may be in motion.  Then, if it is clear, cross.  That lesson seems to be lost on many these days.  People don't even lift their heads to see if a car is coming before just moving into a potential traffic area.  Today, I was called a very nasty name by what I'm sure is an otherwise sweet elderly woman because I had the audacity to drive when she was ready to cross and she didn't look for traffic.  Continuing along this line of thinking, the train would be at fault if I tried to cross the tracks when it was coming through.