The Missouri State Fair is a celebration of all things Missouri. It's one big 11 day party. At least that's how I've been treating it. Almost every day, after the Morning Show and live broadcast all day at Dan's RV at the Fair, I go and introduce the act of the night at the Pepsi Grandstand. Then I'm "off the clock," and that's when the fun really starts.

I'm a young guy, so I love to party. I moved here only two weeks before the State Fair, so I really don't know anyone. Luckily, that hasn't been a problem at all. I've never been shy, and all the listeners I've run in to at the fair have have been incredibly friendly. So basically, what I've been doing every night is going out and exploring the fair, usually hanging out for awhile at The Bud Tent or Hacienda, meeting listeners and partying with them all night.

First of all, the State Fair is probably one of the best night life scenes I've ever been in. Live music is everywhere, girls are dancing, drinks are flowing, everyone is in a good mood and having fun, and really there's nothing not to like about it. I have to give a shout out to my man DJ Dale Malone at the Hacienda. He get's that place ROCKING.

Really, the best part has been meeting people. In the bars on the midway I met another guy named Rob who was the same age as me, we hung out all night with some really cool girls Olivia and Samantha, and got down on  the dance floor. Well, watched them dance mostly, I'm a terrible dancer. I met a cool guy named Jack and his girlfriend/wife at the Lee Brice concert, and we bought each other a couple rounds and talked baseball. I got to talk with my Facebook friend Lizzie in person, and ran into two listeners, Ashley and Sierra, who showed me the magic of fried cheese.

My favorite part would have be getting some late night pizza and running into Brad and Laura, and just talking about all the country artists we've met for like 40 minutes while we pigged out on probably the best "drunk food" I've ever had.

Every night out after dark at the State Fair has been amazing. If you see me out there, come say hi, we'll hang out and have a good time!