We here at KIX 105 are often sent out to do remote broadcasts.  This is almost always something every broadcaster looks forward to and relishes when the time comes.  There are always a few things that happen at a remote broadcast, and I thought I'd share some of them to you, from our perspective.   At every remote, there are different people who show up, depending on where you are, when you're broadcasting, or what you might have in prizes.  But... always, always you will encounter these people:


1.  The Regulars

Well, okay, so maybe they're not quite the Usual Suspects, but you come to notice after so long at doing this that often, you'll see the same people coming to each remote.  After a while, you may not know their name, but you know they're here because they want to sign up for the prize, or they want to get a free ticket, or tshirt, or sometimes they just want to say hello and have a nice chat.


2.  The Curious

Sometimes, and this is true, people will come out to your remote simply to see what you look like.  Often they'll be disappointed, sometimes they'll be pleasantly surprised, but sometimes they just are dumbfounded that you're a real person.   I hear things like,  "I thought you'd be blonde," or "I always imagined you taller", or "I didn't think you'd have that face".

3.   The Bargain Hunter

This person usually only comes to the remote for one reason: Free Stuff.   I don't blame them!  Sometimes we'll have t-shirts or cds or concert tickets,  free lunch or other giveaways, and sometimes people will come to a remote just to get the free stuff.   Of course we always try to encourage them to stay and enjoy the whole location of our remote broadcast, but sometimes people just want their free hot dog and that's it.


4.  The Confused

Well, this happens at nearly every remote I've ever been to.  You're standing there, at your little station podium, surrounded by signage for your radio station, you've got radios playing your station around you, and you're wearing station attire.  But, inevitably, someone there will assume you work at the business you're broadcasting from.   One time I was literally doing a broadcast live - it was being played out over the air as I was standing about five feet away from the radio -  and a gentleman was watching me talk as I did it.  Afterwards...........he still came up and asked me if I knew where the plumbing equipment was.  I had to tell him, "No, I'm sorry, I don't know.  I work for the radio station, not * Business name*".    He then gave me a confused look and said.... "I wondered why you were talkin on the radio!"

As a broadcaster you try very hard to make it clear why you're at a location.  Sometimes it's as simple as the place has a great sale or a customer appreciation day and really that is the main reason that you'd want people to come out.... so they can get a deal at a local business.  We provide some sweet incentives to bribe you to come out while we're there, but really at the end of the day it's all about the listener getting a great product at a great price.   We feel like these remotes really help the average person be aware of what businesses are doing to try to win you as a customer.  We're out a lot this week; in fact I'm out at Menard's on Friday for our station KSIS, and I'm out at Car Mart on Saturday for KXKX.  I'd encourage everyone to come out both days if you can, check out some great deals.... and maybe you can see if I look the way you'd think I would.