A few months ago, Bruce put up a poll about what restaurants you’d like to see in Sedalia. The top five choices were very good options, but one that I would have liked to have seen is one I visited this weekend, Fuddruckers.
Fuddruckers is known for their slogan, "The World’s Greatest Hamburger."  I can still remember the first time I visited Fuddruckers. My dad was in charge of a CYO group and he had two assistants, Joanna Sutter and Erika Pfeiffer and they introduced him to Fuddruckers in Independence, Mo. He was hooked on Fuddruckers instantly. The next time my family went to Kansas City, our family all got to taste it.

The great thing about this burger is you can order it as 1/3 pound, 1/2 pound, 3/4 pound or, if you can handle it, a full pound burger. I usually find the 1/2 pound burger is the way to go. You also get to order it however you like it: medium, medium-rare, rare or whatever.
After you order the burger, you have a fresh produce section, where you can put onions, pickles, lettuce, peppers, ketchup, mustard or whatever. I never get the hamburger with cheese, since I enjoy having the melted cheese they have on the bar better.

In addition to the burgers, you have to have French fries with the seasoned salt, and if you want to make your value meal worth it, get a milkshake or pie. That’s how I like it.

This weekend, I happened to drive through Springfield, Mo., where I was able to find the restaurant. I found my mouth salivating for Fuddruckers the moment I saw the signs and decided that I had to stop in. I was not unsatisfied in the slightest. About the only thing that makes me sad about Fuddruckers, is that they closed the original Independence location that I visited, so Springfield is the closest place to go. It is worth the drive and if you find yourself in Springfield, I highly recommend it.

This brings about my spin on this question, how far are you willing to drive to visit a restaurant you enjoyed?  Take our survey and let us know!