NWS Peace Program is a non-profit and Department of State approved program that's looking for families here locally to have some international students in their homes. 
These kids are from all over the world and in the high school ages.  NWS is looking for some families to host these kids for "adoption."  You just provide a loving home, and they'll provide their own spending money and medical expenses.

I got to talk to Teresa Knapp with the NWS Peace Program, about how you can help to host a family.

You should think about opening your house to an international student. All you need to do is treat them like you would your own kid: so give 'em three squares a day, get them to school and then make 'em take out the trash! Host families can claim $50 a month back on their taxes as a charitable contribution.

Don't wait, there are still some kids waiting for families for January. Call Teresa at 1-866-846-3977, email TeresaK@nw-services.com or visit their website.

Internationally yours,