I am pleased to let you know our new morning show host will officially take over on Monday, July 7, 2014. The 'Shadow' has been hanging out with this week and I can say we'll bring him to the light, Monday Morning at 6.

I had a blast hanging out with you for the last two months and I will resume bringing you the news and sports, make an appearance during 'This Day in History' and who know what else what segment the 'Shadow' has in store for us.

I'll be filling in for Behka in the afternoon, while she takes a nice staycation. I find that only fitting in my 15th year of being a part of KIX 105, that I get do the morning show and my original full time position, where it all started with 'Doug E. Dawg and the Afternoon Express'.

One thing I've learned in my fifteen years is that you listeners are loyal and great and I hope you welcome the 'Shadow' to the morning on Better Country, KIX 105.