If you have driven by our studios lately, you may have seen some tower climbers going up and down our red tower behind the station. I have to admit staring up at the guys who climb our towers, I have flashbacks to climbing trees when I was little and how much fun that was. Then I think, "Wow! These guys are crazy and must have one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States."

Doug Sokolowski

Day in and day out they climb towers for a living, some are a short journey and then others climb 1,000 feet or more up. They have several safety measures in place from hard hats to ropes to help them up and down, but one false move can be very dangerous and cause an injury.

I started thinking about some of the world's most dangerous jobs and was surprised tower climbers or linemen weren't amongst the Top 5, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Over the course of the years the Bureau of Labor Statistics has posted with pretty good consistancy the United States Most Dangerous jobs. Here is a look at the Top 5 in the United States in 2014.

Truckdriver. If you think about it day in and day out they are on the roads. They have the goal to deliver all the packages safely, but can easily involved in a small fender bender or could die. There were 835 deaths reported in 2014.

Farm Workers. Farming is Missouri's staple, but there were 263 deaths that happened while farmers were trying to ensure we had food at our tables and in our stores.

Construction accounted for 131 deaths. With all the equipment they utilize it is easy to see how one false move could be a fatal one or cause injuries.
Roofers and air pilots accounted for 81 deaths.  One of the biggest things I dread is getting on the roof and then climbing back down. Pilots are involved in accidents and that escalated their numbers.

All these jobs are rough jobs and hopefully you have more appreciation for what they do. Getting back to the most dangerous jobs, you need to see how they replace the lightbulb on the St. Louis Arch. Now that looks dangerous.