Kids, I've been working here at KIX 105 for about seven years now. Longer than I thought I would be, anyway.  Surely someone would have fired me by now, right?  So that means I've seen many a State Fair from,  I guess you'd say, "The Other Side."

We here at KIX and our sister stations are out on the grounds quite often.  Most of us are out there at least once a day if not more than once, and we're out there for hours and hours at a time.  We have certain tasks we have to accomplish and we have to get them done by a certain time, or they're useless.  So sometimes, it can be stressful.  It can also be a lot of fun, but it's still an overload sometimes.  So yes, I find after a bit that I..... lose my patience from time to time.

But, don't worry, I'm too much of a wuss to ever say anything.  I figure it would be rude.  Sometimes we have to take our Boot Scootin Buggy out on the grounds to do interviews or take pictures.  Sometimes I wish I had a more incognito way to get around the grounds.  It's big, it's slow and it can only go certain routes, according to fair rules.  You also have to watch out for trees.  But sometimes you're driving on the path, and you're minding your own beeswax, and then someone just either doesn't see you or doesn't care and you have to come to a pretty fast halt.  That happens when I'm walking, too.  Sometimes I think I need some help.


Well,  okay, maybe Otto is a little too flashy.  But if he could talk for me, he could jokingly tell people to move the heck over!  This happens a lot when you're walking or when you're driving, people just get so tired or awestruck by what they're seeing, or they're looking at a map or an exhibit, or they're talking on their cell phone..... and they just stay in the middle of the sidewalk, going either at a snail's pace or stopping altogether.

I know that sometimes we all get that "Fair Walk".  It's a lot like that "Mall Walk" you hear about.  And that's okay, really. Especially in the different buildings and exhibits, sure. I mean, who wants to to tearing through the Exotic Animal tent?  Of course you don't! You want to take your time.

Mr. Kangaroo sure ain't in no hurry.

So that I understand.  But when you're on the main paths - either the street proper or the sidewalks, and you feel yourself needing to take a call, study a map,  eat your corndog, slow down or stop walking..... take a second to move to the side or the grass.  Just sayin'.

Just sayin.

Again, just sayin,