Meet Ken Dillon, our new morning host on KIX 105.  Here's a note from Ken and a little insight on what you can expect from Ken on his show.

There's a relationship in your life that I'll bet you didn't even recognize that you were involved in.

Every morning when your alarm goes off, while you are making breakfast for your family, getting dressed for work, dropping the kids off to school or maybe just driving around town, there is a voice inside your head. A voice that is there each day, telling you the info you need to get your day started, telling you the weather so you know how to dress for the day, filling you in on what everyone else at the office will be talking about around the water-cooler later that morning. You might not even know what this person looks like, much less anything personal about him, but every day, there he is, right in the middle of your routine.

It's the guy on the radio.

For over 30 years, I've been one of "those guys on the radio" that does everything he can to make sure you are waking up in a positive mood, making sure you know what time it is, what the weather is gonna be like, making sure you are informed about not just what's going on in your hometown, but what everyone else is talking about all over our area, making you laugh, playing music that is carefully selected to get you in the right mood to face the day, and tying it all together each weekday morning.

Personally, for all of those years I've been blessed to be that guy, somewhere, each morning. There isn't anything else I'd rather do. I've been out of the business for about six months, and it's been the longest and hardest six months of my life. Just like you get in a routine of turning on the radio, my routine is being there when you do. A lot of "radio people" forget that we become a part of lives like yours. As odd as it seems, I've even been asked to attend funerals or family events for people that listened to me for years every day. When we are there all the time, then we are suddenly gone, like when we lose a job or move on to another market, for example, people tend to feel like their routine is messed up, too. Trust me, I don't ever plan on being out of the business again, and plan on this being my "last stop" in a very long career.

I've been lucky enough to be hired as your new "morning voice" here at KIX 105, and that means you getting used to a new person in your life each morning, and the same for me, when it comes to you! I've always been the type of morning host that lets everyone in on my personal life. Nothing is off limits.  I believe in being "relatable," so we'll talk about a lot of topics. And most, if not ALL of them, will be about things you can relate to. I want to make it a morning show that will make you not wanna turn your car off and run into the office and get your radio on there, or bring us up on the web, because you are afraid you might miss something. I've worked in this area before in other radio stations, and some of you will recognize me, others might have "made the switch" from other radio stations to follow me, so to those of you, I look forward to picking up where we left off!

I want talk TO you, not AT you, and that means a lot of interaction between us via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, even the good ol' telephone. I wanna know what makes your world tick, what music hits you right between the eyes, what's going on in your job, or what you are doing to try and find one in this economy we face each day. I grew up around here, so I know what this area is all about. We work hard, but we play hard, too! We'll laugh a lot, but we'll also pull on some heartstrings together too, and you might even get a tear in your eye. The world is what we make of it, and the bad sometimes creeps in with the good. I assure you, given the chance, we're gonna find it very easy to like each other, and develop that kind of relationship that most people don't even think about. I'll be in your ears every day, and always available to do what you need me to do to make your mornings better. It's my job, and my goal, to give it all I've got for you. I hope you'll join me. Let's start a new relationship together!