This year marks the 10th year since Mike White had the genius idea of turning a cornfield into a raceway.   (For some reason I have in my head, "If you build it, they will come"). Friday was KIX 105 Night at the Races, so I made my trek down 16th Street in Sedalia, or as some call it, Highway Y.  

I then preceded to go into the gates and of course positioned our KIX 105 in a prominent location.

I have to say that racing is something everyone should experience at least once, and I did meet a few people that said this was their fist time at the track.  If it was your first time, then thanks for supporting racing and if you continue come, thanks for being a fan.  Most of all,  thanks to Mike & Carolyn White, Bob Ramey, and the whole support staff of the LA Raceway for keeping the spirit of racing going week in and week out.

There are plenty of races left to see, and it's only $25 for a whole family. I don't think you'd regret bringing the family out and seeing cars fly on by.  Even if you don't know the drivers you find yourself cheering for somebody.  Mike and Carolyn took a chance on turning a corn field into racing the drivers have come out for you the fans, so go out and cheer for a driver.

If you need directions or more information, I highly recommend LA Raceway's website.