The 21st was Kindergarten Day. I decided to talk a little about that, and see what memories we could share together.

I was in Kindergarten I believe in 1985. The School I went to was here in Sedalia, Heber Hunt Elementary school, which at the time was K-3rd grade.

Couldn't get a front look?

We didn't go all day every day if I recall rightly; I seem to remember half days and only going part of the year? It's hazy. What the heck, cut me some slack, I was five. Mostly looking back on it now, I realize that Kindergarten was really more about teaching you how to behave in school. You learn about single file lines, raising your hand in class, taking turns, and getting the routine and structure necessary to keep order in a mass of twenty or thirty excited children.

My Kindergarten teacher was a lady I'll never forget: Mrs. Jackson. I loved Mrs. Jackson, and for years afterward she would still recognize me and chat from time to time. I remember being asked to go to the office every now and then with papers to run an errand for her or doing little things like taking attendance or leading the line. I was very proud that I was her "helper".

I remember one instance where we were going to go on a field trip. But, the day or weekend before (when I can't remember) I got very sick and wasn't able to go. I was very upset about it, I recall.

But, Mrs Jackson went out of her way and came to our house after the trip to cheer me up and tell me that we'd get to have more fun together soon. I will never forget how surprised, pleased, and just.... chuffed I was that she'd come to my house to see me.

What do you remember about Kindergarten? Do you remember much about your teacher? How do you think Kindergarten has changed from when you were in it til now? Do you think it's better now than it was back then? Let me know what you think!

K is for Kindergarten,