One thing that every person is thinking about these days is gainful employment. I'm lucky to have a pretty good job as it is, to be honest. I don't know how to do anything else! But on my drive to work every day on 65 Highway, I see a lot of different places are hiring.

In typical Sedalia fashion, a lot of them are in the food industry. As they say around here, we have a church and a restaurant on every corner. But even I've noticed a lot of places are hiring just by my casual observance.

Restaurant jobs....

Fast food jobs....

Clerking jobs...

I even saw openings at Four Seasons, which is home health care. So that's four places on one street in Sedalia that are actively hiring. While some of these places are growing and expanding, some, like our local Hallmark, are closing down.

That's just for one area of town, and even more places like to put their openings on the web, in the newspaper or even on our radio stations. I wonder how many job openings there are all over town that most people don't even know are out there!

So it makes you wonder, what kind of jobs are growing here in Sedalia?  What's your dream job? Let me know what you think here.

Workingly yours,