We've all had friends say it to us:  "It's the best movie ever, you HAVE to see it".  And then, we finally break down and watch the movie only to find that there's 90 minutes of our life we won't ever get back.  That happened to me just last night.

The movie in question is "The Boondock Saints".  I've been hearing about this film for a while.  People post Facebook statuses, "It's a Boondock Saints kind of night".  I have no idea what would constitute a "Boondock Saints" kind of night.

The plot is two Irish brothers that decide to start killing mobsters in Boston.  They start with the Russians and move into the Italians.  BUT, the film makes feeble attempts at comedy throughout.  And yes.  It fails.

Which brings me to two questions for you.

1. Has my friend lost all "Movie credibility"?

2.  What movie did your friend recommend that you thought "Why did you make me watch this?"

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