Today, kids, is one of our favorite days here at Kix.  Today is potluck day! We do this from time to time, where everyone in the sales and on air staff will bring in a little something, and we'll all have a good lunch together.

See everything people brought?


And, this chili smells amazing.


Our office manager, Dee, always makes her meatballs.


I kept it simple. I made pasta salad.


I think these were left over from the wine show we have on KSIS.


Bruce is making Tampinade stuffed pork roast outside.

Do you do things like this at your work?  When you do have a potluck with your church or family, what do you like to bring? Do you have a favorite go-to?

Personally, I'm waiting for Jack Miller's cherry cheesecake.  He's our news guy, and I gotta tell ya, his wife make an amazing cheesecake.

Snackily yours,