Sure, the 4th of July is the only OFFICIAL holiday in July, but there are plenty of things to celebrate during the month.  Here's a list of five random, unofficial and made-up holidays.

  • July 6 - International Kissing Day. It started as National Kissing Day in the U.K., but now it is worldwide.  Remember to get permission first though.
  • July 13 - National French Fries Day. Last year SOME McDonald's gave out free fries on this day.  Some.  Be sure to ask!  If enough of us do it, even if we don't get fries, we get the satisfaction of annoying the people behind the counter.
  • July 14 - National Nude Day! It started in New Zealand and encourages you to celebrate your nudity as much as possible.  Just remember sunscreen if you decide to do it outside.  Certain parts of you shouldn't itch and peel.
  • July 27 - Bagpipe Appreciation Day. Get recordings of bagpipe music and play it loud enough for your neighbors to enjoy with you.  They'll thank you for it.
  • July 29 - National Lasagna Day. I'm glad they set a day aside for it, but if it's good lasagna, it should be appreciated EVERY day!

Enjoy July!