We're inundated with ads asking us to join this dating site or that.  Chances are someone you know dates online, they just don't tell you about it.  It makes sense.  If they're not dating you, why would they want you to go online to see what they say about themselves in an effort to get the attention of the opposite sex?

A new survey found that 50% of people that are members of dating sites are embarrassed or ashamed to be on there.  32% only tell close friends or relatives and 18% are open about it.

Here's the finding that I found most interesting.  74% of online daters think it is possible to fall in love JUST by exchanging messages over the internet.  No real conversation, no meeting in person, no physical contact.  Just typed messages.

I'm of the 26% that say true love take much more than messages over the internet.  What do you think?