The snow is melting and the temperature is starting to rise.  I'm about ready for some old fashioned thunderstorms with steady rain through the week, then sunny on the weekend followed by more rain.  That would do me fine.

Last week we headed to Columbia for the Deer Classic 2013.  United Bow Hunters of Missouri built and gave away free PVC bows to the kids until they ran out.  The kids could shoot the bows, which we ran out of by 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.  We made a lot of good contacts, including some folks who want to get family members with special needs out in the woods and for us to make it happen.

There were a lot of home based businesses, outfitters, archery equipment, hunting blinds, boats and deer scoring from Missouri Big Bucks.  Let me tell you, there were some awesome deer taken last year.  One of the kids that hunted with us our first year had shot a 187 3/8, 21 point buck with his bow.  It was great to see a lot of the youth that have hunted with us and friends and family that have been involved with MO Kids Outdoors.

There was also a Sasquatch sighting in Columbia.  Jack Links was there "messin' with Sasquatch."  You could get your photo taken with him, and they must have given away 500 lbs. of jerky over two days.  They also had a giant buck that you could get your picture taken with.

One of the most popular booths was Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit.  He was there from open to close on both days, signing and giving away photos and posters.  I thought it was great how he gave away free stuff to kids that were buying things from him, and even gave away some duds to kids that might not have been able to afford them.  He's an awesome guy and we're working on getting him on the show.  He was excited about his popularity around here and said he had no idea he had that kind of a following.  We also heard awesome news from Full Drawn Pursuit, who have been picked up by a new channel on Dish Network.  Congratulations to them, their show should start airing in June.

Tomorrow is the Mid-Mo Outlaws' ticket blitz, so if you want to get $5 tickets, you'd better be in line by 10:30.  More information on that right here.

We'll be going to Columbia for the Whitetails Unlimited Deer Camp this weekend.  It's going to be fun.  Mark and Terry Drury will be there, along with some other TV celebs.  On Sunday, you'll have your choice of 3D shoots.  Montrose Archery has theirs, California Shooter's Club has one and Morshell Bowhunters is holding their first shoot of the year.

Next week, we have a big announcement, so stay tuned.  Oh, I almost forgot, don't forget to set your clock ahead one hour on Saturday night.  Don't want to be late for church Sunday morning!

Until next week, thank a veteran and pray for those who are still serving.