Kids, as you know, we're doing a big contest around here for basketball season.  And the honchos here at the station asked me to make a "bracket" concerning it.

Now, I guess this is a thing that people do with their time.  I personally don't really care for sports simply because I'm a person who isn't very competitive.  It's hard for me to be interested in sports because I don't care who wins or loses.   And I can tell you, for free, even, that I really care just as much about basketball as I do about football.  It's just as much as zero.  That's how many darns I give about either sport.

But, I filled out a bracket thingy.  I took me about all of ten seconds.  How I chose my winners was based on a time honored, long standing tradition that many of you may be aware of: the chant.

My first part of the winners was done to the scientific and reasoned tune of "Inka Binka."  The second line was done to the more homespun "Eeeny Meeanie Miney Moe."   The final part was getting a  little trying on my patience, so I simply did a quick "Either Or."

Your basketball choices may be more reasoned or even have some actual facts to back them up. And you may end up winning some money on it.  If I get anything right I'll be surprised.  But hey, who knows.  If you use my method, maybe you will be a winner after all. And if not, you can blame it on me.  Or the rain.  Whichever.

If I holler let me go,