Temple or NC State? Butler or Bucknell? These are the decisions (plus many more) I am left with when filling out my bracket this year. See, a lot is on the line for us DJs because our bracket is made public for you all to ridicule during our NCAA Bracket Challenge.

At this moment, I am on a break from filling out my bracket because I have realized I haven't seen four to five of these teams play, and I actually watch a lot of college basketball. I am the guy who over thinks every single selection in my bracket. I am also the guy who finishes behind the girl or guy who doesn't watch sports and picks teams based off of a mascot or because the school colors are "pretty."

I may need to adopt some of these thoughts for a couple of my picks this year. Gonzaga was always a popular pick based off of how cool the school name sounds. With our NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge going on, I want to know how do you select your teams?