It is a tradition at the radio station to commemorate each employee's birthday with a cake.  Each cake is decorated to reflect the personality of the individual having their special day.  This year, the staff decided on a "Caddyshack" theme for my cake.  That's a perfect theme for me.  Plus an opportunity to quote the movie in the break room as we all fill our faces.

My 2012 "Caddyshack" cake

Then I started thinking about years gone by and how much my cakes have changed.  I arrived in Sedalia a few months before my 38th birthday.  Everyone in the building and I were just getting to know each other.  The cake for that year (2006) was very different from this one.  Albeit no less accurate.

My birthday cake from 2006

I'm left wondering if cakes really do reflect the natural order to life.  If that's the case, I guess I'm officially old and should buy some funny pants for the golf course.